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City of Cripple Creek

The City of Cripple Creek is composed of just under 2,000 people. In such a small population and a small area, the role of the police seems to be reduced to just a supervisory role. However being a small town police officer does have its advantages over the large city police departments.

One benefit of living in a small town such as Cripple City is that most people know each other. In a small population it is said that everybody knows everybody. When it comes to carrying out investigations a police officer in a small town will not spend as much time and resources investigating compared to their counterparts in the large city. Most of the times they know everything and what's happening in the town and thus when a crime is committed they will be in the advantageous position of having broad knowledge, they won’t have to start from scratch.


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In addition to that, in a small town people tend to get along better than those who live in the city. In such a society the police officer tends to get it much easier when handling the public. Small town people treat the cops as one of them and thus co-operate when they are called on to do so.

Commitment is our top priority

Being committed to excellence in law enforcement, we strive to maintain peace, order and safety. We encourage you to assist our Police Force by providing any input, information, or suggestions to help us provide safety and excellent service to the public.



  • When I went to the academy I felt I had such an edge on others with my military experience.
    Donald Smith
  • You're able to witness the change of neighbourhoods and sometimes the individuals.
    Jeffrey Patterson
  • We need more female officers. So if this is something you KNOW you want, then go for it.
    Kris Sanders